How does ClashCaller work?

The basics of ClashCaller is that it is a war reservation system and an organizational tool.

What does that mean? Well in clan wars it takes time to scout an enemy base and make an attack. During that time, it's easy for someone to come along and attack it. It's possible to call the base in clan chat, but the text can disappear, people can easily miss it, and each time you want to consider attacking a target you have to read through everything. Additionally, if you want to strategize on just how to attack a particular base, it's hard to do without cluttering up clan chat. It just doesn't work all that well.

For clans that want to bring their wars to the next level ClashCaller is just a much better way of doing things. It is easy to use, makes your wars go more smoothly, and gives you information so you can improve your attacks. And it is completely free! Here are the basics of how it works:

Create your War

When you have started a war in Clash of Clans, just have someone go to and create a war. They will be given a unique id.

Now send out a clan mail and tell everyone to go to ClashCaller and join a war with the unique id. Everyone will end up at a page that is unique to your clan and your war, which nobody else can see. All of the changes made on this page will be seen by everyone, as they happen!

Reserve Your Target

A basic idea behind ClashCaller is you choose the target you want to attack and reserve it so you have time to build the army you want before you attack. So when you join the war you will see a list of enemy target numbers. To reserve your target, simply click a symbol and put in your name. Your name will now be shown next to the target, and the target number will go from gold to grey. That means it's reserved for you!

Now you can take as much time as you like to scout the enemy base, plan your attack, and build the precise troop composition you need. You don't have to worry that when you are finally ready to go in you will find that someone has already attacked your target.

Additionally, you can strategize with your clanmates on the best way to attack. Simply click on the note icon next to the target number and put in what you want. Leave notes on vulnerabilities on other enemy bases for your clanmates to see and exploit!

When you have completed your attack, remember go back and set the results of your attack! Now people can see if your target is available.

You can put in the enemy clan names if you desire, all you have to do is click on the enemy target number.

To see all of this in action, here is an example war. Feel free to click around and see what everything does!

Get Feedback!

Not only can you leave notes and strategize with your clan on how best to attack particular targets, you can also get feedback on your clans performance and your war attacks.

Simply by clicking on you can see different statistics on how your clan has performed over the course of the war. It ranks all of your players and even gives recognition to individuals who have performed particularly well. You can see how your attacks break down, and if any enemy targets were especially troublesome.

Also, you can add reviews for individual attacks. So if a clanmate did something well, you can congratulate them for it! You can also give advice on how to fix poor attacks. This allows players to improve without having to be called out in clan chat. So the next time you see a mistake, you don't have to be quiet about it. Help your clan get better!

Compare Yourself

You can even archive your war and see how your clan performs over time. See how each player has done over every single one of your wars! Now you can easily identify who in your clan is really getting better, and who isn't. You can also see how you measure up to other clans! All of this is done automatically and the only thing you have to do is choose the option to archive.

Anyone Can Do It

One of the best things about ClashCaller is how easy it is to use. It isn't confusing, and people don't really need instructions to be able to figure things out. You don't have to scroll through pages of text to find what your looking for. It's all designed to be extremely simple and straightforward so that every single person in your clan can understand it quickly. But at the same time it is very powerful. You can customize the rules and timers to fit your clan strategy and preferences. You can help improve your current wars by using reservations and notes, and your future ones with reviews and statistics.

Now get to war!!