Hey folks, my name is Justin (but call me Red) and I've created everything you see here. The history of ClashCaller is that it was a bit of a lark. It started when I was playing clan wars a few years ago and had a long weekend. I couldn't find anything that was a decent at organizing wars, so why not just make what I want? So I sat down and hashed out the first version of what you see here. I had to leave for a backpacking trip, so I handed it over to my clanmates and said "hey, try this out", then left for a few weeks. When I came back there were more users than the website could handle. And that's how it started!

ClashCaller has been through a number of updates since, but I try to keep things simple and free. I like the idea that I can have something that millions of people from all over the world have used, and in a way give back to the community. That's pretty much it.

In my normal life I work for NASA, and spend what free time I have in a myriad of random things like ultralight backpacking, astrophotography and marathoning.


Drop me a line: red@clashcaller.com. Cheers!


ClashCaller was built on web services. They've been good, and I do recommend them. If you click on our referral link here and use their service they give us a small amount towards our server costs. I personally would recommend them for the type of people who are thinking of getting into computing. Get a VPS and muck around with your own server. It's simple to use- and you can blow up a server and just start a new one in 30 seconds. You can build all sorts of cool things (like ClashCaller), it's near free (5 bucks for a server for a month), and it's a great way to have fun with something that can give you skills you can put towards a career in the future should you so desire.

Anyways, good luck and Clash on!